The process of getting recovered from low auditing

The ultimate aim of any corporate company is to get profit from its targeted customers. Then arises the competition between corporate companies where they need a better audit ranking and fame. Only with understanding what goes inside a business can it be identified as a bad or good company. For each organisation it is important to conduct an external audit each year. If the auditing rank is not higher taking necessary steps to improve this is possible. If your company ranks higher, it means your internal and external auditing is well balanced. If not, it is vital to understand the causes and find out a solution.

What are the causes of a low audit score?

1. The corrections caused in your business books

2. Illegal practices

3. Low maintenance of the external relations

4. Not maintaining the VAT and TAX proceedings

5. Getting increased bad debts


What are the consequences faced by your company after receiving a low audit score?

1. The reputation of the company will be affected

2. The trust of the business stakeholders will be lost

3. The employees will lose confidence and result in low productivity

4. New investors will not be received

How to recover?

Checking your records

Make sure that your accounting and bookkeeping process is well-maintained. This helps you in understanding your accounting process in a better way. You shouldn't have any more errors while conducting the external audit, so make sure everything is perfect. If any errors are noted during the external process, correct them to avoid further chaos.

Maintaining a separate book for debtors and creditors

Having a separate book for both debtors and creditors is an important task. This helps you in understanding how much you owe to them and how much they owe you. This is also an important factor in maintaining your business too.

Payroll services

Being the real asset of an organisation, paying the employees on time keeps them motivated, which helps in the uplifting of your company with their increased productivity. Also causing errors in the payroll records can have a negative impact on them and demotivate them.





Every company should draft a budget for themselves. The revenue received by doing business activities can be best utilised through this. This also helps you in keeping track of the financial stability of your business.

Cash Flow

Keeping a check on your cash flows is also an important process. Keeping track of your cash inflow and outflow is possible through this. This helps in correcting your mistakes and having an effective business planning.

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