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VAT Services in Dubai

Our team of VAT experts specializes in tax management and consulting to help you meet your taxation liabilities. Our in-country expert team offers a service that reduces the complexity and administrative burden of working in today's business world. Being a leading name in VAT consulting, our professional team has intense knowledge of technology and processes that provide transparency, control, and coordination. We aim to reduce the burden and time spent on VAT compliance.

UBL in Dubai is a leading name in VAT consultant in Dubai. Our Dubai tax consultant team can significantly reduce the administrative burden and time spent on VAT compliance. Our business model means that we have a deep knowledge of local best practice, technology and processes that provide transparency, control, and coordination to our clients whether they work in one market or many. We help our clients avoid regulatory changes (such as rate fluctuations) while providing direct access to our experts and a robust regulatory framework that ensures accuracy and compliance with reporting deadlines.

VAT services include:
  • Business Registration under VAT
  • Training sessions to raise awareness about VAT
  • Bring accounting and bookkeeping in accordance with VAT rules
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns
  • Ensure accounting and reporting as per VAT rules
  • Providers of outsourced complete accounting services, including VAT services.

What is VAT tax in UAE?

The UAE issued the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 (8) of the VAT Act (VAT) ("VAT Act"), which is now being implemented in the UAE with a standard rate of 5% from January 1, 2018. Wherever applicable, VAT is collected on taxable supplies of goods and services in the UAE.

  • Registration with local tax authorities
  • Calculation of VAT payable
  • Calculation of refundable VAT (if any)
  • Preparation of VAT calculations
  • VAT filing with local tax authorities
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Keeps you updated on all changes in VAT implementation

VAT Advisory

When it comes to advise, everyone is looking for an experienced professional, because no one can beat the wisdom of an experienced professional. The implementing VAT will affect most businesses in the market, and our experts will guide you through the creation of a blueprint and several sewing maps for the effective implementation of VAT, as your business must be prepared to meet the challenges facing VAT. Will bring a unified strategy for VAT and other indirect tax exposures can grow rapidly without a firm understanding of the specific indirect tax requirements of each jurisdiction.

VAT Return filling

Value-added tax is a type of tax that is charged for the sale and purchase of goods and services. Filing can also be done manually in electronic mode. You are free to choose your preferred mode of filing. Although VAT is the ultimate consumer of goods and services, it is collected by the seller of a product and submitted to the state government. The VAT is also charged to business entities engaged in business activities with other countries. When performing these activities, it is best to comply with VAT to avoid any penalties. An enterprise receives a value-added tax deduction for purchasing raw materials for production.

VAT De-registration

The termination of VAT registration is mainly known as VAT de-registration, it is based on VAT registration. VAT de-registration in the UAE is when business from the Federal Tax Authority cancel your VAT registration from an appropriate port. If the FTA finds satisfying reasons, a person's registration can be canceled based on VAT law. This is commonly called compulsory tax registration.

VAT Amendment

If you add or apply any new changes after register VAT in FTP, you must change or inform that from the proper port. If changes are not notified to the appropriate department, a fine may be imposed. The FTA allows taxpayers to access the FTA portal and update their registration details online. However, not all the details can be modified online, as some fields are prevented from being modified Under the new amendment, a dealer can obtain an input rebate on a free sale or purchase when the goods specified in Schedule-II of the VAT Act are transferred from one dealer's unit to another unit of the same dealer for sale or consumption.

VAT Refund

There are Some business travelers are permitted to refund VAT on services. but the process is complex, and only large corporations with heavy business travel will attempt to refund it. the process of refund is very difficult. the refund is based on your purchasing amount. so careful to clarify about your refund. Typically, you should at least ring from a single retailer - you cannot add purchases from different shops to reach the required amount, so if you shop a lot, you can benefit from finding a place where you can buy larger. You need to collect your refund within three months of your purchase.

VAT Implementation

If businesses are registered in these areas, they don't even have to pay taxes! These investor-friendly heart policies have led to the UAE turning the desert into a thriving economic hub. The implementation of VAT is the most important step in the UAE's financial sector, which will have a major impact on purchasing. Strength and overall cost of living. VAT is one of the most common consumer taxes enforced in more than 150 countries around the world, and the UAE recently added to this list.


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